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T R A I N I N G S & W O R K S H O P S

Career Plus . . . 
CareerPlus (The Motivation - Career Development Programme) is a career oriented programme, specially designed for those who are lacking behind in practical life. The programme is specially compiled to fully equip the new lot in Office environment...

HR Certified Professioal

Managing people is one of the most critical aspects of organizational management in the 21st Century. No matter whether an organization is a non-profit, start-up enterprise, or mature business employees are crucial to achieving objectives, delivering results and being successful...

Professioal Accountant

Financial management is an essential element of an organizational structure and sustainability. Although financial managers have the required skills to manage finances but non-financial mangers like, project managers, supervisors of core units and administrative personnel lack necessary knowledge to plan and manage financial resources...
Training of Trainers (TOT)
This training is specifically designed for developing coaching abilities among the participants so that they can adopt training as a profession in future.

Office Management Skills

Develop an understanding of effective office environment and learn to write various types of letters/memos; become aware of techniques of effective oral and written communication. This training has been designed to improve knowledge and skills of staff in the public, private as well as development sector organizations.

Secretarial Skills

This popular training programme offers you the opportunity to develop the key secretarial skills that are essential to your success as a PA and Secretary.You will learn how to plan and organise efficiently and to proactively contribute to the successful achievement of your personal goals.